Cost Savings

Vista Travel is committed to partnering with you to help achieve the best travel programs while maintaining your bottom line. Go beyond pure cost-cutting measures to embrace how travel affects your employees. We don’t stop until we find the best solutions to your corporate travel needs at a price you can afford. Let’s figure out the right plan for you. It’s what we do.

Cutting Costs

  • Written travel policy for communication
  • Company support
  • Dedicated internal staff
  • Negotiated supplier agreements
  • Management information system
  • Online booking tool
  • Marketing/travel education strategy
  • Preferred/required payment & expense process

Value Costs

  • Impact and enforcement of policy: Mandates vs. Guidelines
  • Requiring TMC’s, OBT’s, corporate charge cards and/or per diems
  • Class of service and preferred air, hotels, and car rental
  • Suppliers
  • Lowest logical fares: windows, connections, and non-refundables
  • Power and limitations of advance purchases

It's Often a Balancing Act

  • Enforcing policy consistently
  • Distributing reports about violations and lost savings
  • Restrict Premium Class
  • Requiring all travel being booked through a TMC
  • Requesting all travel booked online
  • Accepting lowest logical fares
  • Purchasing tickets in advance
  • Purchasing non-refundable fares
  • Giving travelers a broad discretion in purchasing travel
  • Limit distribution of information
  • Allowing Premium Class
  • Allowing travelers to book where they want
  • Permitting travelers to call for help
  • Awarding travelers the freedom to book a convenient itinerary
  • Buying tickets when they get around to it

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